Saif ul Malook Lake In Winter

In winters, there is heavy snowfall in this region which makes the lake remain covered with heavy snow throughout the season.

Lake Saif ul Malook is Among the most mesmerizing and attractive natural beauties in Pakistan. The lake’s pleasant atmosphere as well as its associated tale has been a source of attraction for large number of tourists every year. The lake, that forms the shape of an Oval, spreads over one mile area and features crystal clear water. Snow-covered peaks can be seen in the backdrop which certainly makes the view awe-inspiring. Lake Saif ul Malook carries rich eco-diversity with different marine species finding their home here. Water of the lake is quite clear which is primarily because of the fact that several glaciers around the basin are the source of water for this lake. Saiful Malook is one of the most beautiful lakes one can imagine to exist on the surface of this earth. When we talk about this lake, words fail to describe its beauty. Anyone who has been there once can never forget the time that was spent in the company of this enchanting lake. Once we are there we never feel like leaving it; quite opposite to the Trevy Fountain in Rome, the eternal city where the visitors throw coins to wish they would come back soon. Here in the fairyland you don’t need to throw any coin.

Lake Saif ul Malook is one of the highest alpine lakes of Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 3,224 meters (10, 578 feet) above sea level.

The Lake is arguably said to be the best and most beautiful lake of Kaghan Valley which serves as water source to the River Kunhar. Nevertheless, with all its beautiful views and Kaghan’s highest peak, Saif ul Malook really makes up one of the best tourist spots in the country and is a place worth visiting.

There are lots of controversies about the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook. In fact, there is no authentic source to tell the exact depth of lake. The local people of the valley say Lake Saif ul Malook is 1 kilometer deep, some of them says it is 1.7 kilometers. However, a team which recently conducted a survey on all alpine lakes of Northern Areas of Pakistan told that the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook is 50 feet.

If we take a look at figures given above, the one (50 feet) provided by the team which conducted survey seems to be more realistic, as if we consider the geography of the area surrounding the lake, it would be marvel of nature for a lake to be 1-1.7 kilometers deep at an altitude of 3 kilometers above sea level.

In winters, there is heavy snowfall in this region which makes the lake remain covered with heavy snow throughout the season. Also, the road remains closed because of snow fall and you can’t get there. However, summer is the best time to visit this place, especially from the month of May till end of July. During these months, most of snow has melted and the lake is at its best of natural beauty and mesmerizing views.

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