Laram Top Famous Tourist Point Of Lower Dir

Laram Top is a scenic hill station in the Lower Dir District of KPK, Pakistan.

Laram Top is a scenic hill station in the Lower Dir District of KPK, Pakistan at a distance of 30 km from Chakdara and 180 km from Peshawar. It is located at elevation of 8500 ft above the sea level, surrounded by verdant mountains, towering trees and drenched in clouds. The famous historical Talash valley is placed to the south western side of the region. The Top receives heavy snow fall during winter season and attract a lot of tourists to its lap for a cool feeling in the sizzling heat of summer.

Laram Top is accessible from different areas of Lower Dir like Rabat, Talash, Ouch and Timergara. Two roads lead to the top, but the most favoured one is from Ouch, about 21 km long and metalled cum track for about 5 km up to the base of Laram mountain, and then a track road, about 17 km, to the top of Laram.

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