Malam Jabba Swat

Malam Jabba Swat

Malam Jabba well-known for its scenic beauty, and location. Malam Jabba continues to be a skiing hub, and there ar several different hotels within the area wherever one will stay. Malam Jabba may be a complete adventure traveller destination, and maybe the best skiing resort in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Spin Khwar Lake

Spin Khwar Lake Swat

The name Spin Khwar encompasses a clear significance as a tiny low white stream within the east flows right down to the lake from the encircling mountains and could be a major supply of water for the lake. The lake is accessible through 2 tracks, one from Kundal and also the different from Ladu vale.

kundol lake swat

Kundol Lake Utror Swat

Trekking during this space is safe and one will fancy the fantasy of the nature around. throughout summer, people cultivate and harvest potatoes and turnips to sell within the market to herald financial gain. whereas winter these people return down from the hills because the winter here is absolutely frigid.