kundol lake swat

Kundol Lake Utror Swat

Trekking during this space is safe and one will fancy the fantasy of the nature around. throughout summer, people cultivate and harvest potatoes and turnips to sell within the market to herald financial gain. whereas winter these people return down from the hills because the winter here is absolutely frigid.


Jahlar Lake Salt Range Khushab

The lake is set close to the village Jahlar. In winter, birds from remote places migrate to the current lake and in summer they create their come back to the native countries. The water is powerfully acidic and one will wash clothes with its water with none soup.

Hanna Lake Quetta

Hanna Lake Quetta

The Hanna Lake was in-built the time of British Empire in 1894. A reservoir was made by British Empire. In 1894, a tiny low action dam Red Bridge was made on main Urak road for changing of water into Hanna Lake coming from the Zarghoon Mountains range, of streams, snow melting and rains through main channel.

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake Most Beautiful Lake Of Kaghan Valley

Dudipatsar is merely open for few months because of its elevation (3800 meters). it's accessible from July to Sep solely. From Naran, a little town Besal is found forty eight kilometer on Babusar road. From Besal, one hase to cross stream kunhar on a local created lift (also known as doli) so AN eleven kilometer trek ends up in Dudipatsar Lake following the Purbinar stream.

Borith Lake Hunza

Borith Lake Hunza Pakistan

Borith Lake is a crucial sanctuary for migrating wildfowl and may be a should to be enclosed within the itinerary of bird-watchers and nature lovers. To witness the massive variety of ducks returning from the warmer elements of southern Pakistan.

Rainbow Lake Carezza Italy

Rainbow Lake Carezza Italy

The Small but deep, the lake is also known, as the Rainbow Lake. The colors displayed, in the waters are stunning and attributed in an old folk tale. A spurned sorcerer formed a rainbow to seduce a nymph who lived at the lake, and when eluded, ripped down, the rainbow, and threw it into the water.