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Hiran Minar Sheikhupura

Hiran Minar Sheikhupura

Hiran Minar is found close to Lahore, if we travel northwest from Lahore and nine kilometer from Sheikhupura, we are going to be at place called Hiran Minar. created by the order of Emperor Jahangir in year 1606, this building relies on a one hundred feet Tower, a pavilion which is currently called its entrance and an over-sized water tank.

Clifton Beach Karachi

Clifton Beach Karachi world’s most popular silver sand beach

Clifton Karachi may be a sign of Karachi, that played a very important role in Karachi’s development. you'll see such a big amount of individuals at any time of the day and night. Some come from beach sports/ activities, some come back for cool breeze, some wish to own a walk on the coast whereas some come for thus several alternative recreational activities that embrace food at the top. It's deserted before late afternoon, and at it's most joyous on Sundays.