Murree Queen of All The Hills In Pakistan

Murree is located on Islamabad to Kohala road N75, some thirty kilometre northeast of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. There ar four routes to reach Murree from Islamabad. The shortest road is regarding thirty kilometre, in the northeast of Islamabad.

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The Murree, is additionally called the Queen of all the hills in Pakistan. it’s situated at the borders of Punjab province. The place is most visited by the native citizens, together with foreigners throughout all four seasons. the hill gets additional jam-packed throughout summer holidays. Murree is located on Islamabad to Kohala road N75, some thirty kilometer northeast of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. There ar four routes to reach Murree from Islamabad. The shortest road is regarding thirty kilometer, in the northeast of Islamabad.

Murree is one among-st the foremost visiting hill station of Pakistan. For people who live down thereto Murree is sort of a fantasy town. people from everywhere the country visit this lovely hill resort to flee from the sweltry heat. Mountains lined with lush green trees, cold atmosphere, fresh air, lovely valleys and most significantly clouds on the roads hugging you with full of happiness.

The name Murree is derived from marhi high place though there’s a popular belief it’s named once the virgin Mary. Murree is one among-st the biggest resort towns within the Galyat area of Pakistan, ANd is that the capital town of Murree Tehsil. Murree is accessible by road from the middle of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas.

Murree lies between Kashmir point and Pindi point. because the names recommend Kashmir purpose provides a perspective of snow laden Himalaya and Pir Panjal ranges in Kashmir whereas the Pindi point overlooks capital Islamabad and sister city Rawalpindi. At Pindi point one will get pleasure from ride on a lift to a few kilometers right down to Bansra galli and luxuriate in a panoramic view of Hazara mountains still as Rawalpindi Islamabad.

The city of Murree lies in seven kilometer space between these 2 points. the foremost well-liked area within the hill station is that the Mall road spanning over regarding 2 kilometer in lovely settings. throughout Springs: the temperature stays between four – twenty astronomer. the area experiences significant rain, that brings vegetation and water filling up the waterways. All the filth is washed away allowing the clear read of the hills and therefore the close. The aroma of soil very touches the soul and heightened the pleasure and joy.

Summer is that the peak traveller season: The people ar drawn towards Murree thanks to low temperature and pleasant atmosphere. Summer lasts until the top of August. The weather throughout the day stay cool and gets chilled at night. In fact, we will hardly notice any electrical fans around, even in summer. those that actually need to get pleasure from the clear view of the hills ar advised to go to the hills between Sep and October.

During these months the scenery is a lot of visible due to clear sky and fewer clouds. Gradually, the temperature drops to freezing point, and this is often the start of snow. the hill receives less guests during winters, however now of year has its incommensurable colours of nature and joy. another known place wherever visitors ought to go:

The Mall Road
Pindi point
Kashmir point
River Neelam
Darya Gali
Ghora Gali
Kalabagh point

Murree Map

Located at – Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

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