Kahuta Narar Valley

Nara is located in District Rawalpindi, Tehsil kahuta and province Punjab which is 74 km far from Islamabad towards east. It is known with the name of Nara Mator.

Kahuta Narar Valley
Kahuta Narar Valley

The population of Nara is approximately 5000 people. It is center of five union councils. It is commercial area to its suburbs. Government has constructed a separate school for girls and for boys here. In 2014 the boy college building at Nara Chowk was reconstructed. Nara possesses a library, post office and many commercial center within itself.

According to the elder nara was city ruled by Sikhs before independence of Pakistan and the last remaining building named lakhi chobara might be a proof to that. Nara natives speaks Pothwari.Majority people are Muslims here. There are people from many different cast settled here but most belong to Ghagar kayani. The basic source of transportation within the village are via taxis and personal bike while the settlers have to choose a public transport for going outside the village. Nara people are connected with employment outside the city, some have their own businesses, the rest are engaged in agriculture and Majorities are settled in Europe.


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