Cholistan Desert One Of The Largest Desert Of Pakistan

An annual jeep rally is command here that's the largest motor sports event in Pakistan and referred to as Cholistan Desert jeep Rally. Language of people living in Cholositan is Saraike. Saraiki is an Indo-Aryan language and is additionally spoken in some parts of central Pakistan.

Cholistan is regionally called Rohi. This known desert is 30 kilometer from Bahawalpur and includes of a district of 16,000 sq.km. that extends upto the Thar desert extending over to Sindh. The people of Cholistan lead a semi-nomadic life, moving from one place to a different in search of water and fodder for his or her animals. It adjoins the Thar Desert, extending over to Sindh and into Bharat. Derawar Fort could be a renowned hallmark of Bahawalpur. From Bahawalpur city, it takes many hours to urge to the fort, with the journey being long, wearying and dust-laden. however it’s well worth the bother. With the huge Cholistan desert serving as a scenery, the majestic fort could be a sight to see.

Derawar Fort, Cholistan Desert
Photo Credit ( Khalid Mir ) Creative Commons/Flickr
Jeep Realy, Cholistan Desert
Jeep Rally, Cholistan Desert

An annual jeep rally is command here that’s the largest motor sports event in Pakistan and referred to as Cholistan Desert jeep Rally. Language of people living in Cholositan is Saraike. Saraiki is an Indo-Aryan language and is additionally spoken in some parts of central Pakistan. Cholistan could be a barren land wherever rain is incredibly thin and therefore the people living here consider their livestock of camel, sheep and goats. In winter nights, people ar indulged in several arts and crafts equivalent to textile, weaving, pottery etc. cattle breeding ar the backbone of Cholistan’s economy. the requirements for industry, milk, meat and fat ar glad from this farm animal.

Cholistan Desert
Cholistan Desert

As compared to alternative parts of Pakistan, Cholistan produces a really fine quite carpet wool. They knit lovely carpets and alternative woolen things from this wool. They manufacture blankets, khes and pattu that ar the requirement of this desert as a result of it’s not the realm of dirt and warmth however in winters, nights ar terribly cold. To earn profit people living here sell the wool.

Derawar Fort, Cholistan Desert
Derawar Fort, Cholistan Desert

Camels and desert ar terribly close in relation. Camels in Cholistan aren’t solely used for the transportation however the skin and wool of camel is additionally valuable. camel wool is used to create lovely blankets referred to as falsies. due to sizable amount of farm animal here, the leather-work has become another vital trade of Cholistan. Khusa, a sort of shoe could be a specialty of Cholistan. Khusas ar invariably handmade and Cholistani Khusa is incredibly in style because of its fine craftsmanship, designs, and selection and particularly for the intense and golden coloured threads that ar used for handicraft and embroidery.

Cholistan Desert
Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Desert

Cholistan DesertThe Cholistan Desert safari could be a once during a lifetime chance. several tour operators organize for safaris through Cholistan Deserts. they’re real fun. Mounted on a camel you’ll be able to have a tour of the traditional forts, peregrine villages, shrines of the saints and at midnight you’ll be able to dance and sing with the locals or rest by the camp fireplace underneath the starlit sky.

traditional costume of Cholistan
Traditional costume of Cholistan

The costumes of ladies in Cholistan ar adorned and printed vibrant ‘Cholid’, normal and long adorned shirt, baggy shalwars, dupattas and ‘Chunries’, Ghagras that ar ready superbly in robust distinction. Village girls still wear significant skirts fabricated from forty yards of material referred to as Cholas Hath Ghagra. Men wear adorned and vibrant Cholas (long shirts). Balaposh (robe like coat), heavy baggy shalwars, Turkish caps, Turbans and Zari shoes have a feeling for a visible and embroidered colourful Cholas, Bangis, Turbans, and Balaposh. Men within the urban area wear shalwar, kameez and Coat, & trouser is additionally worn by some people.

Cholistan Desert
Cholistan Desert

The best time to go to Cholistan is from March to Oct.The Cholistan Desert is that the home to around four hundred forts. it’s so capably named because the land of forts. The forts were in-built rows of 3 every fort being twenty nine kilometre with the exception of one another. The forts were truly watch towers for guarding the camel caravans.They were designed from mineral and dust and ar currently {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very poor condition. a number of these forts ar aforesaid to be in-built a thousand BC.

Cholistan Desert
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Derawar Fort is found forty eight kilometer from Dera nawab sahib. it’s still during a good condition. The rampart walls ar intact and still guarded by the non-public guards of the emir of Bahawalpur. The tombs of the ex-rulers of Bahawalpur and their families ar settled during this fort. The tombs have nice glazed blue tile work. previous permission of the senior amir of Bahawalpur is needed to enter the fort.

Cholistan Desert Map

Located at – Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan.

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