Shogran One Of The Most Beautiful Valley In Kaghan

Shogran is an exciting place for family picnic. The famous Siri paye and Makra Peak is accessible from Shogran through jeep ride and trekking.

There are numerous valleys in Pakistan, and each one of them is extremely beautiful. However, one valley stands out from the rest. A fascinating touring spot in Kaghan Valley. Surrounded by snow-clad peaks and thick pine forests. Shogran is one of the most beautiful plateaus in the valley, is situated 34 kilometers from Balakot via Kawai. To reach this Quaint place, take a side road on the right after passing through Kawai. From here it is a steep 7 kilometers to Shogran at a height of 7,749 feet or 2,362 metres above sea level.

The road is metalled and normal cars and vans can make the drive.Surrounded by thick pine forests and with an altitude of 7747 feet. The valley serves as the base for many trips that are undertaken in the northern areas and many campers travel to this valley to gaze at the natural beauty of Pakistan. The valley also attracts many foreign visitors who travel to the valley in droves in order to see what actually natural beauty looks like.

Hotels and motels are available at affordable costs. Mobile phone services is also available there by Telenor and Mobilink. The local people are friendly and peaceful. It is accessible in the summer. It attracts families and explorers alike.You should not miss a trip to Forest Rest House. Most of people sit and relax in its huge lush green lawns. Entry might be restricted when senior officials visit or stay at rest house.

Views of Sri Paya and Musa Da Mussalah peak are really nice from the lawns of rest house. Summer season in Shogran is very mild and pleasant. Pine Park hotel and Forest rest house are the nicer places to visit around. Rolling grassy lawns of the rest house offers breathtaking panoramic views of snow covered mountains of Kaghan Valley’s highest peaks, such as Makra Peak (3885m), Musa Ka Musalla (4419m) and Malika Parbat (5290m).

Shogran is opened for visitors in summers and winters. June to September is peak season, during this span weather remains pretty pleasant. Temperature ranges between a maximum of 20°C and a minimum of 3°C at night. Moon soon receives heavy rains with occasional hail storm. Unexpected thunder storm and heavy rains keep environment cool and sometimes create difficulties for visitors to move around. Warm clothes are recommended for nights due to low temperature. Heavy snow keeps valley covered throughout winter season. Due to the blanket of snow in the winter season, there are not many routes to the area, but the army does operate its own route during the winter seasons so if a person has any contacts with the Army personnel they can reach the valley during winter to marvel at the snow covered scenery.

While on one hand there are many wildflowers, on the other there are also vast meadows of lush green grass that present a beautiful view. The same is true for the fauna of the area. There are small animals like marmots and wild sheep and deer, while birds like peasants, woodcocks, pigeon, hawks, falcons and vultures are commonly found as well. Woodpeckers have also been seen sometimes but only during the mid-summer months. There are so large mammals and large cats in the area, but due to human expansion, there have been no recent sightings of these in the valley.

Shogran is an exciting place for family picnic. The famous Siri paye and Makra Peak is accessible from Shogran through jeep ride and trekking. A jeep journey less than hour takes to Siri Lake and a further drive of 20 minutes leads to Paya meadows. Makra Peak is only accessible by foot. A rugged eight kilometer road climbs 2300 feet through thick pine forest to the top of Paya ridge, a lush green meadow with spectacular view of Malika Parbat. One can also see varieties of wild alpine flowers on the rolling grassy slopes of Paya. Visitors can then hike up Makra (Spider) Mountain, which is I 2743 feet from see level. From Paya, trekkers must climb around 2000 feet to reach the top of Makra, on the border Between Kaghan Valley and Azad Kashmir’s Neelum Valley.

Shogran Map

Located at – Naran Kaghan, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

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