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Mansehra is Apart from being a major stop on the Karakoram Highway,

Mansehra is city located in KPK, Pakistan. Apart from being a major stop on the Karakoram Highway, it also links to the road to Kaghan Valley, Naran, Shogran, Lake Saiful Mulook and Babusar Top. Mansehra city is further divided in four union councils. Each union council is divided into Mohallas. Prominent Mohallas are Narri, Dab, Dandi, Lohar Baanda, Muftiabad, Khanbahadar and Sainabad. Rural area surrounding Mansehra city consists of chain of villages like Potha, Jaloo, Ogra, Labourkot, Hajiabad. Two main roads lead all the way in to city, Shinkiari road and Kashmir road. Ghazikot Township is housing colony just outside.

All of the Mansehra district is bestowed with enormous natural beauty along with cultural diversity. The region was one of hotspot for international tourists in past. However, with the recent security issues, the number of foreigner toursit has decreased. The Pakistani tourists, however, are highly attracted by the region.
Dist. Mansehra is a wonderful area natural beauity wise, Mansehra city is very small but have extra ordinary surroundings. This is situated in between the High Mountains. All of you might have heard about Naran, Kaghan, Lala Zar, Shogran, Balakot etc, but there are also other places which deserves visit. Kund Bangla, Darband, Siri, Siran Valley, Pakhal Valley, Konsh valley. All these areas are also very good to visit. When tourists reach Mansehra, all they know of the place is the lake Saif-ul-Muluk, as they don’t know that there’s another lake near Saif-ul-Muluk that is Lake Dudipat, This is one the most beautiful lakes of the world. This lake is not easy to approach. The visitor has to travel on jeep to Jilkhad and then the walking track of 6 hours to reach the place. People with the breathing problems shouldn’t be planning for that. The natural scenery and climate of Mansehra has a great attraction for the tourists. Low and bare hills that fringe the level tracts have attraction of their own, panoramic view of widespread plain and invigorating fresh air in all seasons and the higher hills with pine covered slopes, the snow capped peaks of Kaghan, Bhogarmang, Konsh, Allai and the regions beyond the mountains are torrents and water-falls. The peaceful lakes of Kaghan, the villages perched on almost inaccessible heights and the green valleys are appealing to the lovers of beauty.

These lovers of beauty rejoice when they walk on mountain crests and see the mists sweeping up. They can listen to the roars of water from behind the great grey curtain, and look at the torrent at their feet tumbling over the rocks down gully and glen. The stillness of the dawn, of noon and of evening as well as the winds pure and austere are really most enchanting for the lovers of beauty. There are a number of important and historical places in Mansehra. Kaghan is famous for its pleasant climate in summer when tourists come to watch its beautiful views. Then comes Balakot which has a great significance in the history of Hazara with special reference of Syed Ahmed Shaheed’s movement. The other well-known villages and towns are Mansehra, Baffa, Shinkiari, Dhodial, Battal, Bhogarmang, Phulra (chief village of the former Phulra state), Oghi, Shergarh (the summer headquarters of the former Nawab of Amb), Darband (former centre of Amb state), Gulibagh (capital of former Pakhli Sarkar), Ichrian, Ghari, Habibullah, Jabori, Chutter, Dadar, Khaki and Kaladhaka. There are three beautiful lakes in Mansehra district. These are encircled by snow clad peaks of the mountain range in the Kaghan valley. The names of these lakes are Lulusar, Dudupatsar and Saiful Maluk Sar. The former two lie near Babusar top while the latter one near Naran. The word “sar” is used with the name of each lake meaning lake. In the summer when the water of these lake reflects like a mirror a large number of visitors from different areas of the country come to watch the enchanting views of these lakes. With Saiful Maluk Sar a legend of mythical fairy Badri Jamal and Prince Saiful Maluk is associated while Lulu Sar is the reminiscent of those 55 participants of 1857 war of independence who had been arrested near Lulu Sar.

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