Chitral Valley A land of Colorful Culture And Mountains

There ar variety of known places in Chitral corresponding to Drosh, Ayun, Madaklasht, Arandu, Birir, Rumbur and Bumburate; Garam Chashma, Reshun, Booni. The Kalash valleys ar the repository of 1 of the distinctive cultures and mysterious histories of the globe.

Chitral is located in North of pakistan. It’s a hanging natural depression existing in Hindukush range of big mountains. This has been the foremost important route for varied invaders together with Mangol Changez Khan, Alexander and lots of others. Basically, Chitral could be a very small town owing one bazaar and few hotels for the tourists. wherever the bazaar ends, on the river side, there’s Palace of Mehtar and Chitral fort. Chitral is within the province of KPK bordering Gilgit-Baltistan and Afghanistan at distance of 365 kilometer from Peshawar and regarding 405 kilometer from the city of Gilgit. The valley that is jam-packed with charm in each way is that the most ideally visited places by not solely the locals however conjointly the foreigners.

From the traditional times, Chitral had been a necessary for commerce from Afghanistan and Tarim Basin towards plains of city Gandhara. still, Chitral stayed freelance for hundreds of years having its own language and culture. within the nineteenth century, it clad to be a significant portion of British Bharat. Chitral was princely state in year 1947, that headed towards the beginning of Pakistan within the same year. Mehtar’s rule was place to associate degree finish somewhere in 1954. After this, the facility was exercised by political agent who was posted in Chitral. In 1969, the state got coalesced into Pakistan. Chitral’s recorded history has been divided into a minimum of six epochs that embody Iranian Rule, Chinese Rule, Kushan Rule, Rais Rule, Kalash Rule and Katur Rule.

People living in Chitral ar referred to as Khow was present a vast ethnic diversity. Chitral stands at junction of Indian Empire, recent Russian and Chinese Empire and Afghan kingdom. British Empire has a watch on the state once smelling the danger from Russians finish. So, British government in Bharat afraid new acquaintances within the tribal belt and mountainous range. Major John Bidulph paid a visit to the country in year 1876 news to the India’s government concerning the use of Chitral. Therefore, relationship between Chitral and British began that resulted in popular chiltral incident that took place in 1895.

The weather of Chitral is extraordinarily harsh and cold within the winter and pleasant within the summer. the most effective season to go to the valley is from could to September. Temperatures in summer vary between twenty five and forty degrees stargazer whereas within the winters it plunge below minus.

There ar variety of known places in Chitral corresponding to Drosh, Ayun, Madaklasht, Arandu, Birir, Rumbur and Bumburate; Garam Chashma, Reshun, Booni. The Kalash valleys ar the repository of 1 of the distinctive cultures and mysterious histories of the globe. This culture is definitely the residuary of the pre-historic age.

Shandur, the world’s highest polo ground, has become known all round the world for the annual polo competition. Shandur is found on the mountainous space between Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan and its is regarding 100 kilometres from Chitral city and 40 kilometres from Mastuj in upper Chitral.

Chitral museum is near the renowned Shahi mosque of Chitral on river’s right band stands the glorious Chitral Fort. The fort has been longing several terrible times. The museum is full of weapons, ANtiques and alternative historical things from the time of monarchies providing an overflow of information relating to the culture and history of Kalash and Chitral individuals.

Tirich Mir could be a sniffy mountainous peak that is highest in Hindukush range. in a very fantastically clear weather, Tirich Mir is keen-sighted from the upper place of city. It are often viewed from Chitral King’s palace moreover. The mountain is largest within the entire world next to Karakoram Range and Himalaya ranges.

Shahi Fort is found beside Shahi masjid of Chitral. The fort is seemingly the most effective for noble residence because it depicts slightly of royalty. sadly the fort is private property because of that one desires permission for visiting it from the within.

Shahi masjid or Shahi mosque was created in 1924 A.D. the structure was imposingly engineered by Mehtar of Chitral known as Shujaul Mulk. The Shahi mosque has massively common for its powerful and cultural form of design.

Governor cottage is each other enthralling building that exists in Chitral. once the weather isn’t foggy, one will handily read the mountain’s peak “Tirich Mir” from this place. polo is that the most favorite and known games played in Chitral. that’s why several polo grounds square measure created in Chitral. the foremost common ground is placed in Chitral city. visitors pay a visit to the ground and gather information regarding the fascinating game and you would possibly prove to be the lucky one to get pleasure from and win the match.

Charam Chashma once translated in English comes as “Warm Spring.” It’s mostly common around and outside the country for its heat waters in spring. The extraordinary place is known for trout fish, heavenly surroundings and precious stones. Barmoghlast could be a charming and exquisite resort. It’s set at a distance of 14.5 kilometer from Chitral. The engaging place is certainly worth visiting.

Goleen and Koghazi Is concerning 14 kilometer from Chitral, Goleen and Koghazi square measure same to be items of heaven on the earth earth. The valley glows with lush meadows, colourful spring, canals, adoring landscapes, bright flowers and fruits.

Ayun valley wondrously catchy and most recommended traveler site is known for its large beauty. Ayun valley is found between Kalash and Chitral city. It’s sited at bank of Chitral river. The individuals of this dazzling valley square measure extremely hospitable, cooperating and welcoming just like the distinctive people of Chitral.

Chitral Valley Map

Located at – Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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