Khunjerab National Park Pakistan

Khunjerab park consists of 3 completely different valleys: Khunjerab (through that the Karakoram route passes), Ghujerab and therefore the remote Shimshal vale.

Khunjrab park is Pakistan’s 3rd largest park. It is situated just a couple of kilometers from the border city of Sost in Islamic Republic of Pakistan|West Pakistan and comes below no mans land between China & Pakistan. THe park is known as once the Khunjerab pass that is that the highest dappled road border post within the world set at 16000 feet on top of water level. The park is adjacent to Taxkorgan Natural Reserve in China.

This park was established in 1975 on the advice of famous wildlife life scientist Dr. george Schaller, since the population of traveler Sheep was declining at AN dire rate. of course the development of the Karakoram route provided a straightforward access to the hunters to the life within the space. The marco polo Sheep’s trophy sells for the maximum amount as $60,000 and this rare animal was afraid to close extinction. Also, the building of the road has disturbed the wildlife within the space and plenty of animals have migrated across the border to China and Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Khunjerab park consists of 3 completely different valleys: Khunjerab (through that the Karakoram route passes), Ghujerab and therefore the remote Shimshal vale. As native communities had traditionally used the complete space for grazing domestic livestock in summer, Dr. Schaller suggested a twelve kilometer portion of the park to be closed for grazing so as to supply protection to marco polo sheep against disturbance and food competition.

This portion of the park was declared the core zone of the park. However, imposing a ban on grazing of livestock while not compensation or concessions to grazing for the native communities created serious conflicts between the park management and therefore the native people.

Now with the emergence of this park, the amount of this species is extremely slowly increasing. marco polo Sheep is recognized by the terribly long outward falci form horns, developed within the mature males. AN aged ram is is extremely spectacular and majestic, in the main due to huge whorled horns which may span a man’s outstretched arms and nearly double the height and size of most alternative wild or domestic sheep.

The marco polo sheep is AN denizen of very high mountains subject to severely cold winds and weather conditions throughout the year. Currently, its population is confined to northwestern a part of Hunza district on the Chinese border. Here, between spring and season, it occupies 2 separate valleys within the northwest section of Khunjrab park, and additionally inhabits the Kilik-Mintaka border area, simply west of the park.

Marco polo sheep is perhaps the foremost endangered of Pakistan’s wild sheep and goats, and unless action is taken directly they’ll most likely become extinct. Kilik-Mintaka Game Reserve on the border with China, east of the KKH and therefore the Khunjerab national park has been specially created to supply 65,000 hectares for preservation of marco polo sheep environment.

The Khunjerab park has the potential to change into one in every of the world’s foremost national parks. in line with WWF officers, an idea is currently afoot to show it into AN ‘International Peace Park’ with preserved areas on each side of the border. Negotiations with the Chinese square measure current. If this arrange are often accomplished, it’d mean one ecological park with open boundaries for the wildlife.

Photo Credit ( commons wikimedia )

Khunjerab National Park Map

Located at – Khunjerab, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

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