Attabad Lake A Miracle

Hunza is already very famous around the globe for its mesmerizing beauty and Attabad Lake became another attractive spot for tourists. 

Attabad Lake A Miracle
Attabad Lake A Miracle

Attabad lake is Pakistan’s largest artificial lake created by a severe landslide in Attabad Village, Gojal valley back in 2010. The length of Attabad Lake is around 14 kilometers, it takes around two hours to reach the other end of the lake (Gulmit) from the starting point of the Lake (Attabad). As depth of the lake formed on Hunza River reached 312 ft approximately rising at the daily average rate of 3.2 ft, the free board has reduced to around 55 ft. Hunza is already very famous around the globe for its mesmerizing beauty and Attabad Lake became another attractive spot for tourists.

In January 2010, a massive landslide blocked the flow of River Hunza, creating a natural dam and burying 20 people beneath it. The rising water displaced thousands of residents and submerged countless villages, fields, orchards a well as a 19-kilometer stretch of the Karakoram Highway (KKH). In 2012, a spillway was created to release a steady flow of water and as the water receded, it revealed the villages that had been buried beneath. It is only now that people have started returning to rebuild their homes and lives.

The KKH is also being rebuilt. A new connection is being carved into the mountains around the lake. The highway begins in Abbotabad, runs through the mountain ranges of Gilgit-Baltistan, crossing over the Chinese border at Khunjerab and into China up to Kashgar. Reaching an elevation of 4,693 meters (15,397 ft), it is the highest paved international highway in the world. During its 20 years of construction, from 1959 to 1979, approximately 810 Pakistanis and 200 Chinese workers lost their lives mostly in landslides and falls.

There is also a tunnel recently built on Attabad Lake as a part of Karakorum highway. Recently its inauguration was commenced on 14th of September 2015. There are many other ongoing development projects in Hunza and Attabad Village. In the last three years, gradually inhabitants of the area came out of the disturbing consequences of land sliding and returned to normal life. Attributed to the beauty of the Attabad Lake with blue topaz colored water and surrounding mountains tourism has excelled in the region.

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