Gilgit Valley Most Consequential Region In The Karakorum

Planes from Islamabad-Rawalpindi arrive frequently in Gilgit, If you arrive by air, the most bazaar in Gilgit may be a short mile away, and to induce there you'll be able to grab a little van or no matter vehicle looks to be taking passengers. Giglit's main street runs typically, east-west, paralleling the river.

Gilgit valley strategically situated at the most consequential region within the Karakorum and makes the trade center of the region for hundreds of years. it’s the capital city and headquarters of province of Gilgit-Baltistan. the area is alimented by waters of Hunza, Ghizer and Indus rivers along side the many of their tributaries. Gilgit has in addition been a consequential town on the historical Silk Route, facilitating religions to unfold across trans boundaries. shina is that the language uttered in Gilgit whereas English and Urdu is wide uttered within the region.

Planes from Islamabad-Rawalpindi arrive frequently in Gilgit, If you arrive by air, the most bazaar in Gilgit may be a short mile away, and to induce there you’ll be able to grab a little van or no matter vehicle looks to be taking passengers. Giglit’s main street runs typically, east-west, paralleling the river. East of the airport ans away from city is that the space known as Jutial, wherever there ar various military compounds and few little lodges.

Naltar may be a picturesque Greenland circumvented by high peaks with accessible glacial lakes, good resorts for winter sport. moreover, Kargah valley is just at 10km distance for Gilgit with Kargah Buddha a rock wall craven Buddha dating back to eighth century AD and ruins of a Buddhist cloister and Stupa. alternative valleys embrace Danyore, Bagrot, Nomal and Oshikhandas.

Gilgit Bridge over the quick flowing Gilgit river, at the end of its ancient bazaar, is that the largest bridge in Asia (182 M long and 2 M wide) allowing enough area for one jeep at a time to cross. Kargah Buddha situated on a rock close to Kargah valley (ravine), 10 km. from Gilgit city may be a stunning rock engraving of Buddha from seventh century A.D.

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Monument of Taj Mughal, A success monument of Taj Mughal, designed 700 years agone, is 30 km. jeep drive from Gilgit city. Sher Qillat is thirty eight kilometer. from Gilgit Trekking route links with Naltar valley. Trout fishing are often enjoyed in Sher Qilla nullah and alittle lake. Singal regarding sixty one kilometer from Gilgit Trekking route links with Chilas and Kohistan valley.
Gahkuch Headquarter of Ghizer District Ideal place for trekking, good fishing sports and duck shooting in season. it’s the entrance to Iskoman valley. Government rest house and personal hotels ar out there (73 kilometer from Gilgit). archeologic sites in village and a close to by village Hatoon.

gilgit Valley
gilgit Valley

Naltar valley is simply forty three kilometer away from Gilgit, the elevation being around 3000m and is enclosed by snow capped mountains. it’s one in all the loveliest full day excursion from Gilgit.. Naltar may be a common trekking point, its unsettled people earn their living growing potatoes and raising cattle. A thick forest of cypress and cedar trees adds a sparkle of color amongst the rocky peaks. A Pass that is named Pakhora Trek leads to another valley of Chatorkand.

gilgit Valley
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Gilgit Valley Map

Located at – Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

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