IN The Memories Of Zahoor Salmi Pakistan’s Top Wildlife Photographer

Even after their absence, their pictures will be witnessed to them. It is not a legend to call itself a legend, the legend says the world legend.

The serious Pakistani photography Today suffered a great Tragedy. Pakistan’s Renowned wildlife photographer Zahoor Salmi died in a road accident on Friday night Near Battgaram in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). According to details, Salmi was travelling with one of his friends, Farrukh Shehzad, when their jeep fell into a ditch near Battgaram in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Farrukh Shehzad also died in the accident, the officials said. Battgram forest officials retrieved the dead bodies of Salmi and Shehzad on Saturday morning.

A brief intro of Zahoor Salmi!!!

“Started professional nature photography in Pakistan 18 years before. Conducting fixed-point photography for environmental and climate change observation at four different locations in Pakistan. Filmed documentaries and time-laps on flora and fauna in Pakistan. Worked for WWF-Pakistan for last 3 years as nature’s conservation photographer. With IUCN conducted research to save vultures. Worked for GIZ, USAID, ADMC, LEAD Pakistan, TDCP, Wildlife of Pakistan, Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, Houbara Foundation, Philip Morris, Sustainable Tourism Foundation and Gov. of Pakistan Wildlife Dept. for biodiversity. Special work on nature conservation for critically endangered species including vultures, Indus river dolphin, pangolin, darter, leopards, Himalayan brown bear etc. in Pakistan. All Pakistan national parks survey and photography on deforestation etc. For the first time developed a plan to save wildlife in Pakistan by creating and training a huge community of photographers most of which were originally hunters. Travelled and surveyed all over Pakistan for wildlife protection. Have collection of photographs and detailed information along with GPS locations of Pakistan’s flora and fauna including over 500 bird species and many mammals, reptiles, insects etc. Bird watcher guide for many foreigners coming to Pakistan. Published photos in National Geographic Magazine, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, WWF-Pakistan, GIZ, IUCN and Getty Images. Skills: personal effort and passion. Popular for exceptional photo shots. Won many awards at well known sites . Many foreigners visit me for wildlife watch . If there is a foundation to organize, many more foreigners will come for Pakistan wildlife . Conduct wildlife photography training workshops . Introduced Pakistan wildlife all over world . Have on-site location & season information. Have experience of digital & analog camera Currently I work for WWF-Pakistan (World Wide Fund for Nature) as professional photographer. Ssome of the work produced here is supported by WWF and rest is the result of my personal effort and passion.



With quiet silence and wonderful dedication, with all the work away from the “big photographers” and “legendary photographers” from the novels of novels. Zahoor Salmi was considered as a top wildlife photographer of Pakistan who has collaborated with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan in projects related to blind dolphins in River Indus. According to National Geographic website, Salmi was also working with the channel as a photographer since 2010.

Even after their absence, their pictures will be witnessed to them. It is not a legend to call itself a legend, the legend says the world legend.
Allah Almighty bless them. A great loss for Pakistan.







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