Satpara lake

Satpara Lake Skardu

Satpara Lake with its marvelous and breathless beauty is taken into account one among the foremost charming lakes among tourists. The lake’s crystal clear waters gift a wonderful and picturesque view to guests by mirroring the icy mountains encircled round the lake

Rama Meadows

Rama Meadows Astore

The distance from Astore is merely few kilometers, the journey can take concerning half-hour due to higher ridges. There ar many near stay places. The weather is generally cold right along the year. Mobile signals reception is week. the sole operating network was Zong that also was at limited places.

Rama lake Astore

Rama Lake Astore

There ar 3 lakes on the way to Rama Lake from Astore vale. Rama Lake is found in a very valley formed by the high mountains. The lake has additionally given its name to the village situated near and because the area has developed over the years and a lot of and a lot of tourists have come to go to the attractive lake in recent times.

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