City Of Mosque Kotli Azad Kashmir

Kotli is also known as the city of mosques due to the fact that there are more than three hundred mosques in Kotli. 

Kotli is also known as the city of mosques due to the fact that there are more than three hundred mosques in Kotli. Kotli, the District Headquarter, is at a distance of 14 kilometers from Rawalpindi/ Islamabad via Sensa, Holar and Kahuta. It is linked with Mirpur by two metalloid roads, one via Rahdahni (90 Kms) and the other via Charhoi. It is also directly linked with Rawalakot via Trarkhal 82Kms. A PWD rest house, Tourist Rest House at Sarda and Middle standard hotels in the town provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. Developed into a industrial city very rapidly. All the basic amenities of life are available in kotli town. Bus and wagon transport services are also available.

Today Kotli is a winter town.The winter town is a town located outside of Winterfell, the seat of House Stark in the North. Notatable places in Kotli to visit are sarda point, Tinda Rest-House, near river gori park, roli hills, butt fire and Peer Lasura (Nakyal). Today kotli is shaping itself in almost every field of life. Some notable places are Gulhar colony, Khuiratta, Chowki Tinda, Kurti, Roli, Brali, Dhamol,OLakar village of the late Nambardar Allah Ditta ,sarhota and Samror. The town has become a vision of three- story mansions that have taken over the once-barren roads between the outer ring villages and the ever-expanding city sitting on the brim of the Poonch River. The most famous and notable buildings are the three Khan-Wali fortresses, Jame Masjid Ghosia Balyah and Tehsil Guest House.

The main distinction to the city is Jamay Masjid Al-Firdous Gulhar. It is the religious center of excellence and it centralizes more than seven hundred mosques all over the world, the most of which are in Azad Kashmir. Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Sadiq (Rahmatullah Alaihee) laid foundation of this system and now his son Mr. Haafiz Muhammad Zahid Sultani is supervising the system efficiently.

The mass emigration that took over the country in the 1960s has now created a steady boom of summer holiday makers from Britain and beyond who seek to reconnect their European-born children to the old country. Kotli has international links throughout Western Europe and North America. Like many Azad Kashmiris (Poonch valley a region found in the Jammu part of Jammu and Kashmir) living in the fringes of the Mangla Dam in Mirpur, emigration fever took hold of the surrounding country from the mid 1950s on wards.

Kotli has ties with many European cities such as Amsterdam, Hamburg and especially the larger industrial cities of northern and central England. Many Kotli city residents have ties to British nationals in the city of Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Luton, Bedford, Watford and Birmingham.

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