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Northern Areas Of Pakistan (NAOP) is the most spectacular and fascinating region of Pakistan. It is here that the world’s three famous mountain ranges meet – The Himalayas, The Karakorum and The Hindukush. The whole Northern Pakistan has come to be known as a paradise for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, hikers and anglers of the most famous “Trout fish”. Pakistan is one of those blessed countries which enjoy all the four seasons and have rich cultural diversity and history. It has four provinces, beautiful northern areas and an unofficial province i.e. Gilgit Baltistan.

The Northern areas of Pakistan are popular for their famous peaks, mountains and rivers all across the world. This company aims to present a positive and spectacular image of Pakistan on its clients. Pakistan is rich in natural beauty. Pakistan has world’s most resplendent places for visit, especially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region. This component of the country is famous all around the world because of welkin high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, pulchritudinous lakes, and astounding wildlife.

There are scores of over 7,000 m peaks in the Karakoram Range and hundreds of nameless summits below 6,000 meters, mere points on the map. The shapes, forms, sizes, colors provide tremendous contrast, which defy description. K-2, the undisputed monarch of the sky, Broad Peak, massive and ugly, Muztagh Tower, deceptively, sheer. Gasherbrum-II, the “Egyptian Pyramid” that even Cheops would have preferred for a tomb, Chogolisa, the “Bride Peak”, in whose eternal embrace lies Hermann Buhi, the first man to climb Nanga Parbat. The Cathedrals of the Baltoro with their great knife-edge ridges, the sky cleaving monoliths of the Trango Towers and most beautiful of all – the Peak of Perfection – Paiyu, (6,600 metres) first climbed by a Pakistani expedition in 1977. The Hindukush is also a mountain vastness containing hundreds of peaks, many above 7,000 metres including a Trichmir 7,705 metre that is the highest point of the range.

Team Northern Areas Of Pakistan Trying our best to help foreigner and National Traveler and Visitor to give the whole idea about The Beautiful valleys of Pakistan. There Routs, Roads , Hotels and Historical Places. So, do visit once Northern Areas Of Pakistan (NAOP) The Earth Heaven Valleys.